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get a spare charger for your truck so when you leave the other one in the car you can still charge your battery up.  genuine tomtom spares these are not cheap imports - but well made accessories from tomtom. 

More InfoFROM £10

The new tomtom 7100 truck - for ALL LARGE VEHICLES - thats HGV's, Tippers, Rigids, Curtain Sides, Artics - plus Caravans, Motorhomes, Horse Boxes , Boats and more ...

With WIDE SCREEN and FLUID TOUCH (like an iPHONE) why not have a good look at it - see our animated slidshow



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Sometimes customers close the webpage after paying before they are returned to our website and receive the Licence code. The details are also emailed to you - please check SPAM as well. CAPITALS and little letters do matter when typing your Username (email) in. For example is NOT the same as MyName@HOTMAIL.COM

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These products are made as easy as possible for you to use. However problems do occur and people also get stuck. If you are having difficulties - then please call our helpdesk rather than getting frustrated. Its sensible to first check that you are entering the LICENCE/ORDER/MEMBERS CODE (6 digit number) in the TOP BOX and the USERNAME (email) in the BOTTOM BOX. If you get something wrong then a red message above the box will tell you the problem.

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